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At MHNet, we value the providers who take care of our members. Our website offers you all the tools you need and a free Provider Portal to assist with all of your practice needs online, anytime. Below is an overview, so you can find what you are looking for quickly. Simply select the title to go to the selected page or choose the area you want from the list on the left side of this page.

Outpatient Authorizations

HealthCare USA Members

Effective Monday, February 9, 2015, ALL preauthorization requests for all levels of care will be managed by HealthCare USA as part of the integration efforts. For more details, click here to read the provider notification, including the assigned UM staff for each listed facility. Our portal at will NO longer accept authorization requests.

HealthCare USA Member Prior Authorization/Case Management Contacts

  • Prior Authorization/Outpatient Services
    • Telephone: 1.800.882.9666
    • Fax: 1.866.341.1327
  • Intensive Outpatient Services:  Contact Desley Wells 1.314.655.7619
  • Inpatient and Partial Hospitalization Services:  See list of Utilization Management assignments or Call 1.800.882.9666 and ask to speak to the UM staff person for your facility
  • Case Management Services:  Call HCUSA at 1.800.882.9666 And ask to speak with a Case Manager

Outpatient Authorizations Submission Changes

All outpatient authorization requests (OTRs) are submitted electronically through our provider portal at except for HealthCare USA Medicaid members in Missouri (see information above). If you are not already taking advantage of the free portal for all your benefits, eligibility, and claims reviews, register now by clicking on!

Once you are in the portal, click here for detailed instructions on submitting the authorization request. This Frequently Asked Questions document will also be helpful.


If you don't have internet capability, faxed OTR submissions should be sent to our new fax number 1.512.340.4213.

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Network Participation

  • Provider Nomination: Due to Aetna’s acquisition of MHNet/Coventry, we are in the process of consolidating our contracting and credentialing processes. MHNet no longer sends out or accepts MHNet credentialing applications. Please use Aetna’s online application process at (select "Health Care Professionals", then "Join the Network", then "Behavioral Health Providers") to fill out and submit an Application Request Form to join Aetna’s provider panel.
  • Clinical Resource Information: many resources to review, including our Provider Manual, Medical Necessity Criteria, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Newsletters, etc.

General Information

Electronic Solutions

  • MHNet Provider Portal: information about the free, secure, online portal that allows providers to easily access information regarding member eligibility, authorizations, claims, and remittance advices
  • EDI Documentation: our electronic solutions, including electronic claims submission, EFTs, ERAs and the Provider Portal

Specialized Provider

Secure Provider Portal

MHNet's free online provider portal,, allows you to access critical information wherever and whenever you need it. This innovative and secure tool provides direct connection to data management for up-to-date information.

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